Mobile Personal Training

Our Mobile Personal Training enables you to experience 1:1 customised personal training sessions in the comfort of your home.

I support you to build strength, lose weight, improve flexibility and regain mobility without having to leave home.

I work with you to understand your individual needs and goals and develop a program that combines the most effective exercises and movement from a variety of techniques including Functional Patterns, core body work, balance, stretching and strength building.

Our approach incorporates the body, mind and spirit to help you set, commit to and achieve your fitness and well-being goals, whether it is to lose weight, rebuild strength, increase your mobility and core strength or improve your balance and flexibility.

As you experience success and your motivation grows, we adapt your program to evolve with you and your fitness levels. Balancing family, work and life, in general, can make it challenging to find time to invest in your personal fitness and well-being. I work around your lifestyle and schedule and bring all my equipment to you.

Our complimentary fitness assessment and introductory session provide me with the insights I need to tailor a program to empower you with a home maintenance routine between our sessions to optimise your results and create healthy habits.

Mobile Personal Training Sessions are in the comfort and convenience of your home.

45 min session $90

Personal Trainer guiding a female client on how to use weights on a fit ball
"The strength and tone circuit program Jacek taught me was a great start to my day and something I can replicate as a morning routine. I’m seeing far better results than I have in the past and have a greater understanding of how I should have been working out. I also love how relaxed and rejuvenated I feel after the Pranayana breathework and stretching exercises too."
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Jo R
Father of 2 and Business Owner