Group Fitness Classes

Small Group Classes are held outdoors in the fresh air in Samford and Cedar Creek

Create your own group of 5 friends and I can come to you

45 min fun, energising and effective fitness classes

$25 per person

Benefit of all our Fitness Classes
- Strengthens Upper Body & Core
- Improves Balance & Coordination
- Increases Stamina & Endurance Builds
- Strong Bones & Joints Relieves Stress &
- Elevates Mood

Strength & Conditioning
A full-body functional workout designed to challenge your endurance, build strength and tone your abs, glutes and leg muscles.

Restorative Fitness Class
Low-impact and gentle classes designed to increase mobility and balance, whilst building core strength and flexibility. Perfect for recovery after injury or regaining fitness.    

Boxing Fitness Class
Fully equipped boxing classes to build skills and improve hand-eye coordination. Burn calories, in a fun cardio training session whilst getting lean, toned and energised.

Group fitness class stretching on the grass
"Your commitment to holistic health comes through in your training. It's a great balance of challenge and support. I appreciate the social aspect of our group training. Thank you!"
Group Fitness Participant
Mum North Brisbane