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I bring everything to you. Weights, bands, boxing gloves, ropes, medicine balls etc. Our complimentary consultation provides with an understanding of your needs, goals and struggles as well as past injuries so that we can create a customised program that inspires and challenges you on your fitness journey

As a mobile personal trainer I service north Brisbane including Cedar Creek 4520, Samford, Samford Village, Samford Valley, Upper Kedron, Ferny Grove, Camp Mount, Mount Glorious

I personally practice what I’ve learnt and am dedicated to ongoing learning in the field of health and fitness. I am passionate about supporting people to enhance their health and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

I look at my clients holistically to help them understand how little tweaks to their lifestyle and habits can create meaningful change and help them achieve their fitness goals. Whether that be losing weight, gaining strength, improving their balance and flexibility or enhancing their energy levels.. or all of the above. My sessions are 45 mins but the knowledge and resources I share with you support you through the week between our sessions.

As a qualified teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Health and Physical Education in high schools and primary schools in Australia and Europe, I am passionate about supporting young people to create healthy habits and learn how to exercise in a way that is safe and effective. With the pressures of social media, body image and easy access to unhealthy choices, I empower my young clients with knowledge on how to train in a way that does not cause damage to their growing bodies, as well as how they can target the areas they want to improve strength or lose weight in without resorting to fad diets that can destroy their metabolism. By increasing their awareness and helping them understand the importance of incorporating the right exercises and healthy eating practices we can build confidence and life-long skills for sustainable well-being. 

I am closer to 50 than 40 years old and have successfully recovered from not one but two surgeries: my hip and my knee. I have felt like I didn’t recognise my body at times and uncomfortable even asking for help from Personal Trainers who I feared may judge or expect too much from me. I have had to practice everything I have learnt on myself first to build my strength, flexibility and endurance. My clients are drawn to me because of my ability to understand and resonate with their stories and backgrounds. I meet you wherever you are at this point in time and help you to map out a journey back to health and vitality. I create custom programs that enable you to get to your ideal fitness and well-being goals in your own time and work with your restrictions. Patience and compassion are the foundations of my approach whilst gently challenging you to push yourself to reach your potential. 

As a Chek certified Holistic Life Coach and mobile personal trainer I take a holistic approach to understanding and reviewing your routines and habits to uncover opportunities to create meaningful change that gets results. Together we reflect on past experiences and the obstacles that have stood in your way from physical to belief patterns and incorporate small yet effective changes to your food choices, daily activities and exercises. I come to you so we can squeeze a 45 min training session into your daily routine whether that be after school drop off or lunchtime. This eliminates the time wasted on driving to the gym and the mind games we play with ourselves where we talk ourselves out of leaving the house in the first place. I turn up with all the equipment required, a fun and challenging workout program and the emotional support to keep you motivated and committed. Lastly, I set you up with a daily routine to keep your momentum going and life hacks that make the changes easy!

We tie your goals to your values and create goals that are achievable so that you can be driven by your own success can start believing in what you can achieve.

It’s as easy as clicking ‘Book Now’ to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment where we look at your lifestyle and current health and fitness levels. This is a non-judgemental consultation to understand your starting point and your goals.

From there we review your schedule and organise our weekly personal training sessions either face-to-face in your home, in my home gym or virtually via Zoom. I create custom programs that include a variety of techniques, systems and approaches that I believe will help you achieve the results you desire. Each session is different to keep you engaged and continue to stretch you.
I bring all the equipment to you but also assess what you have at home and provide you with a routine to work on between our sessions to you can build on the momentum and create healthy habits.

We regularly review your progress and adjust as required to help you build confidence, and knowledge and essentially look and feel your best.

"I really love how each session changes every time whilst still targeting the strengthening of the whole body. I like to challenge myself, so sometimes I forget to pay attention to my form, however since I started exercising with Jacek, he has helped me focus on the correct technique and the right form so I don't hurt myself. After my sessions, I feel more energised and ready to face my day."
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