Tired of the Gym? Enjoy training with a friend in the outdoors

"Get Fit with a Friend' Couples Personal Training

Exercise with a friend and reach both your goals

Tired of the same gym sessions and the same routine? Step outdoors and enjoy fitness with a friend. Enjoy fun and challenging fitness sessions with a friend designed to reach both your goals.
Share the experience of achieving your fitness goals with a friend or partner. Studies show that working out with others keeps you motivated, and engaged, whilst strengthening connections.
I create workout sessions that are aligned with both your fitness levels and aspirations.

Twice the fun and double the motivation at almost half the cost. And no gym membership required!

"Get fit with a friend" Training Sessions can take place in our home gym in Cedar Creek (North Samford) or I can come to your home or a park close to you.

45 min session $100 ($50 each)

Step outside of the gym

Get fit with a friend

Bespoke training programs designed to reach both of your goals

Woman boxing with a friend
"I really love how each session changes every time whilst still targeting the strengthening of the whole body. I like to challenge myself, so sometimes I forget to pay attention to my form, however since I started exercising with Jacek, he has helped me focus on the correct technique and the right form so I don't hurt myself. After my sessions, I feel more energised and ready to face my day."
Dumbell weight on the ground
'Get Fit With A Friend Client'