I come to your home in the North Brisbane area and fit your busy schedule. As a mobile personal trainer, I help busy people like you achieve their health and fitness goals in the convenience and privacy of their own homes.

Free Fitness assessment and Introductory session

In your complimentary Fitness Assessment and Introductory Session, we take a deep dive into your current health and fitness as well as your aspirations.  I explain how our approach enables you to cultivate sustainable health, vitality, and wellness by tapping into your inner wisdom and working with the 4 Doctors: Diet, Quiet, Happiness and Movement.  The more aware we are of the connection between our body and mind the more we are able to recognise the warning signs of stress and imbalance and how it impacts our physical bodies. With awareness, we can take a conscious approach to how we engage with our bodies, our thoughts and the world around us. 


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