Personal Training

Our Mobile Personal Training enables you to experience 1:1 customised personal training sessions in the comfort of your home.

I support you to build strength, lose weight, improve flexibility and regain mobility without having to leave home.

Balancing family, work and life, in general, can make it challenging to find time to invest in your personal fitness and well-being. I work around your lifestyle and schedule and bring all my equipment to you.

Our complimentary fitness assessment and introductory session provide me with the insights I need to tailor a program to empower you with a home maintenance routine between our sessions to optimise your results and create healthy habits. As you experience success and your motivation grows, we adapt your program to evolve with you and your fitness levels.

45 min session $90

Personal Trainer guiding a female client on how to use weights on a fit ball
"Get Fit with a Friend' Couples Personal Training

Get Fit With a Friend

Enjoy fun and challenging fitness sessions with a friend designed to reach both your goals.

Share the challenge of achieving your fitness goals with a friend or partner. Studies show that working out with others keeps you motivated, and engaged, whilst strengthening connections.

I create workout sessions that are aligned with both your fitness levels and aspirations.

Twice the fun and double the motivation at almost half the cost.

45 min session $100 ($50 each)

Group Fitness Classes

Small Group Classes are held in Samford and Cedar Creek
Create your own group of 5 friends and I can come to you
45 min classes $30 per person

Strength & Conditioning
A full-body functional workout designed to challenge your endurance, build strength and tone your abs, glutes and leg muscles.

Restorative Fitness Class
Low-impact and gentle classes designed to increase mobility and balance, whilst building core strength and flexibility. Perfect for recovery after injury or regaining fitness.    

Boxing Fitness Class
Fully equipped boxing classes to build skills and improve hand-eye coordination. Burn calories, in a fun cardio training session whilst getting lean, toned and energised.

Group fitness class stretching on the grass
meditation on beach

Wellbeing & Career Coaching

I collaborate with you to unravel the themes underpinning your choices and movements throughout your career and identify the drivers that have got you this far.  My practices incorporate reconnecting with nature and practising meditation and mindfulness to enable you to tap into your creative genius.  I am passionate about utilising alternative healing techniques such as EFT, grounding, sound healing, reiki, and breath work to reconnect with your body, relax your mind and destress. 

Rather than reinventing yourself I believe it is a process of rediscovering yourself. Together we identify your strengths, talents, and motivational drivers to help guide and inspire you to manifest your personal and professional goals.

My sessions are tailored to your requirements and can also include interview coaching as well as assistance with writing job applications for your newly discovered career path.

"Your commitment to holistic health comes through in your training. It's a great balance of challenge and support. I appreciate the social aspect of our group training. Thank you!"
Group Fitness Participant
Mum North Brisbane