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Get Fit With A Friend

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What’s better than having a PT to hold you accountable? Having an accountability workout partner!

Studies on habit formation and behaviour change show that having a friend by your side to share the experience with makes you more likely to stick to your commitment and show up and provides opportunities for connection which is known to positively impact mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

When you throw in the endorphins and happy hormones created from your exercise. Your weekly personal training has literally become a solid investment in your physical, emotional and mental health.

Let’s look deeper at the 5 benefits of having an accountability partner when I comes to health and fitness.

The Super Power of having an Accountability Partner

We all know how hard it is to stay committed to exercise, and how easy it is to make excuses and pull out of your morning walk or gym session. Studies show us that we can cancel our own plans with minimal guilt, but knowing that you are letting down a friend … well thats another story. The term accountability partner comes from the idea that you have made a commitment and are therefore accountable for showing up. We are more likely to be loyal and avoid cancelling when we have made a commitment to our accountability partner and follow through on our word.

1. Behavioural change through motivating each other

2. Habit formation by keeping you on track

3. Connection and fun whilst you are being pushed to your limits

4.  Sharing achievement and progress

5. Shared cost of One to One PT session is $90 whilst a ‘Get Fit with a Friend’ session is only $100

Now the last one is a biggie! Not only do you get all the positive benefits mentioned above, but you get that at almost ½ the cost of a 1:1 Personal Training session ($50 each for a 45 min session) in your home or mine.

Book a complimentary fitness consultation where we review your goals, what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, your schedule, eating habits and stressors.

I then create a program that allows you both to achieve your personal goals whilst working together.

Experience the power of an accountability partner en masse by joining our group fitness classes in John Scott Park, Samford on Friday mornings at 5.30 am.

All my 1:1 and ‘Get Fit with a Friend’ clients are invited to join my group classes for only $10 a session when they sign up for monthly direct debit.

And just in case you are not yet a believer in the benefits of incorporating fitness into your life check out this article by the Mayo Clinic highlighting the many benefits of exercise!

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